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Isolate vs Broad spectrum CBD Products.

As the CBD & Hemp industry continues to grow, people are becoming increasingly particular about the types of products they use. In this article we will discuss & compare traditional Full/Broad spectrum products with Isolate based products.


 Pure CBD Isolate:

Simply put, Isolate is the product of separating CBDA from rest of the ingredients found in Hemp extracts. It is one of the most well known Hemp products on the UK market due to it's high purity and versatility. Nevertheless, it is often disregarded due to it's 'complex' form  (commonly crystal or power). 


Pure CBD Isolate powder UK


CBD Isolate based products - Pros:

  • Flavourless.
  • Colourless. 
  • Highly soluble in Oil, Fats & Alcohols.
  • High Versatility (Can be added to many things such as Vape liquids & certain foods) 
  • Often cheaper (per mg) than Full spectrum/Broad spectrum CBD.
  • THC free. (Preference based)
  • Unwanted compounds such as Chlorophyll are removed.


CBD Isolate based products - Cons:

  • Often not Decarboxylated - Isolate consists of pure Phytocannabinoids found naturally in Hemp. Essentially, the CBDA has not been converted into CBD using heat.
  • Absence of other Cannabinoids such as THC, CBN & CBG. (No entourage effect) 
  • Contains none of the Terpenes, Flavanoids and Phenols found Naturally in Cannabis. (These compounds are sometimes added after refining) 

     Broad & Full spectrum Extract:

    The terms 'Full'  Spectrum is used to describe a products Cannabinoid & Terpene content - Usually these will be in same ratios that were naturally occurring in the plant. These important compounds are preserved due to less intense refining processes during production. It is understood that the combination of these active compounds cause a synergistic effect ,increasing the efficiency of a product. 

    The process of removing particular Cannabinoids (such as THC) as well Plant matter, Waxes & Chlorophyll create a similar, but more refined Oil known as 'Broad' spectrum. These are perfect for people seeking the therapeutic effects of CBD & Terpenes without ingesting large quantities of other Cannabinoids. 

    Due to Laws & regulations surrounding THC & Cannabis, 'Broad' Spectrum products are by far the most common on the UK market.


    Full spectrum CBD Oil uk


    Broad spectrum CBD Products Pros:

    • Contains high concentration of CBD while maintaining trace amounts of other Cannabinoids such as THC (Depending on the extent of refining).
    • Contains Terpenes & Flavanoids naturally found in Cannabis & Hemp.
    • More effective - It is believed that the combination of Cannabinoids & Terpenes increase the efficiency of a product. 
    • Decarboxylated - Phytocannabinoids have been converted into Cannabinoids. Essentially, this is the process of activating the important Chemicals by subjecting the extract to specific temperatures. 


    Broad Spectrum CBD Products Cons:

    • Acquired taste - These products contain large quantities of Terpenes which can cause a stronger taste (Varies depending on extent of refining).
    • Varying Terpene profiles -  The taste & effect of each product may vary depending on the Extract used & the presence of Terpenes. 
    • Contains trace amounts of other Cannabinoids such as THC -