Types of CBD products.

As you may know already, new CBD products are being developed by the minute and locating an appropriate one has never been so hard!  

In this article we will explore some of the most popular CBD products found on the UK market and ways you can choose one that suits you best.

Pie chart portraying the percentage sales of each CBD product on the market



We start with the most common & effective CBD product in the world - Oil Drops & Sprays. These products consist of CBD extract (Often Distillate or Isolate) combined with a carrier Oil. Depending on the bottle, the contents is then sprayed or dropped under the tongue where it is absorbed via the sublingual membranes.

It is possible to add the CBD Oil to food & drink - However it is important to bare in mind that conventional CBD Oils are only soluble in Oils, Fats & Alcohol so it will not combine well with water based consumables. 

Studies suggest that the combination of Cannabinoids with Terpenes found in Full & Broad Spectrum Hemp extract result in a synergistic effect commonly referred to as the 'entourage effect'. Depending on the refining process used, different concentrations of Terpenes will be present in the Oil. 

Hemp derived CBD Oil



Similarly to Oil Drops & Sprays, Capsules contain CBD Extract suspended in a Carrier Oil. They are however conveniently separated into individual doses - usually 10 , 20 or 30 milligrams per capsule. This allows users to take CBD throughout the day effortlessly. 

Some would argue that a percentage of CBD goes to waste as it is not all absorbed during digestion. On the other hand you can determine exactly what dose works best for you, saving money in the long run.

CBD Capsules UK



CBD Gummies are a tasty & convenient way to take CBD throughout the day. CBD Gummies are also spit into doses usually between 10 & 30 milligrams.

There is some medical evidence to suggest that the process of chewing increases the Bio-Availability of CBD which makes Gummies potentially more effective than Capsules. 

 CBD Gummies


CBD Syrups are a fairly new & exciting addition to the UK's CBD Market. They are particularly popular in the 'edibles' community due to their compatibility with sweet Drinks & Deserts. Unlike conventional Oils & Extracts, CBD Syrups are water soluble which makes tasty CBD infusions effortless - Simply choose a flavour to stir into your favourite Drink or drizzle over a desert. 


CBD Syrup UK


Topical CBD & Creams are perfect for people seeking the therapeutic benefits of Cannabidiol in localised areas - It is simply rubbed or applied to specific areas to reduce inflammation & pain.

They are usually made from a variety of Essential Oils, Waxes & CBD Extracts.

CBD Body Cream UK 



Isolate is the most refined form of CBD with a purity of >99%. It comes in a Crystalline form and resembles white powder. It is also available in slabs and can be infused with Cannabis derived terpenes. Like all Cannabinoids, it is Oil, Fat & Alcohol soluble.

Isolate is a versatile substance and is used to make many CBD products such as Vapes, Tinctures and edibles. Experienced users sometimes 'dab' Isolate for rapid effects.

It is a great option for those of you that wish to take CBD without the strong natural taste of Hemp. Some on the other hand see this as a negative and enjoy the terpenes and Flavanoids present in Full & Broad spectrum products. 

The Mg:price ratio makes Isolate one of the best value for money products on the market, however people are often put of by it's form & appearance. 

CBD Isolate


CBD Vape liquids consists of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, Flavourings & CBD Isolate. Providing you have the correct equipment, it can be vaped throughout the day for instant effects. Many would consider this the fastest and most efficient way of taking CBD. 

As the liquids are usually made with CBD Isolate there is an absence of Terpenes & Flavanoids found naturally in Hemp. On the other hand, there are many products that contain these added components - some of which replicate the flavour and smell of Cannabis.