CBD Isolate - How to use it.

In simple words, CBD Isolate is the product of separating CBD from rest of the ingredients found in Hemp. Isolate is one of the most well known CBD products on the UK market due to it's high purity and versatility. Nevertheless, it is often disregarded due to it's 'complex' form - most commonly Slabs, Crystals or powder. 

In this article we will discuss some of the ways in which CBD Isolate can be taken or incorporated into your lifestyle. Enjoy.


It is often quite difficult to handle CBD Isolate without appropriate equipment. To make life slightly easier, we have listed the weight of common dosages to help you make the products listed in the article.

0.01g = 10mg

0.03g =  30mg

0.05g = 50mg

0.1g   = 1000mg

0.5g   = 500mg

1.0g   = 1000mg

CBD used to make Cannabis vape liquid



This is the process in which CBD Isolate is atomised and inhaled using vaporising equipment. It is understood that this is one of the most fast and efficient ways of getting CBD into your system - with effects being almost instant. This is due to the high Bio-availability of CBD when it is vaped - Approximately 90% of the CBD is absorbed via this method. 

Depending on the devise you are using, CBD Isolate is usually placed in a chamber of the vaporiser and slowly heated until it begins to atomise. These particles are then inhaled and are absorbed into the bloodstream via the lungs. This is not to be confused with smoking as there is no combustion involved. It does however require a vaporiser like the one below:


Volcano vapouriser used to vapourice CBD Isolate


Homemade CBD Vape Juice:

It is understood that Cannabinoids (such as CBD & THC) dissolve in most solvents & fats. This allows CBD Isolate to be easily dissolved in Polypropylene Glycol - one of the main ingredients found on common vape liquids. With a few affordable ingredients, it is possible to make a great quality CBD Vape liquid at home. 

Equipment/Ingredients you will need:

-  CBD Isolate.

-  8ml Propylene Glycol (PG).

- 2ml Vegetable Glycerine (VG).

- Flavourings (Any flavourings or Terpenes suitable of Vape liquids).

- Scales.

- Pipette or syringe.

- Shot Glass for mixing.

- Kettle.

- Water.

- Flat bottom dish.

- Dropper bottle.


First you will need to decide the amount of CBD you want to include in your vape liquid. If it is your fist time using CBD we would recommend starting with between 0.1g and 0.5g of Isolate per 10ml of liquid. Once you have decided, make sure to measure exactly how much Isolate you will be using based on the dosages we listed earlier. 


Fill your kettle with water and turn it on. Once the water has boiled, leave to cool for a minute or so (The water needs to be hot but not boiling). Then fill your Flat based dish with water until it reaches approximately half the height of your shot glass. 


Pour 8ml of Propylene Glycol into the shot glass followed by the CBD Isolate and place into the dish of hot Water. The water should surround the glass without it overflowing into it. Gently stir until all the Isolate has dissolved and the PG is clear. 


Add 2ml of Vegetable Glycerine to the shot glass and stir until combined. 


Remove from the hot water and allow to cool before adding any desired flavours or Terpenes. Stir well. 


Using a pipette, Transfer the liquid into your dropper bottle and shake. Your liquid is now ready to use in any refillable Vape device or E-cigarette.

 Image result for homemade vape liquid

DIY CBD Oil Drops / Tinctures:

This process consists of dissolving Isolate into an Oil of your choice (Usually Hemp seed Oil or MCT Oil). It is understood that Cannabinoids suspended in Oils or Fats have greater Bio-availability making it easier for your body to absorb them.  

To make your own CBD Drops, follow the same instructions above using Oil instead PG & VG. Once your Oil is infused, drops are placed under the tongue where they are absorbed sublingually.

 CBD oil


CBD infused Food & Drink:

Many people incorporate CBD into their diet by infusing various food and drinks with Isolate as it is both flavourless and odourless.

The Isolate can be mixed directly into what your eating or drinking using the Oil drops we described above. Alternatively, plain Isolate Powder can be used if you wish to save some time. In this case we, highly advise to to ensure the powder is as fine as possible to avoid a gritty texture.


CBD infused food and drink

Topical Ointments & Balms:

CBD Balms & Creams are often used when targeting specific areas of the body. The mixture is rubbed on the skin where it is absorbed for localised relief. 

To make your own CBD infused Balm you will need:

- 1 Cup of Coconut Oil (Or whichever you would like to use)

- 1oz Beeswax.

- CBD Isolate (we suggest between 1g and 3g)

- Essential oils (eg. lavender, rose, Tea-tree)


Gently heat the Beeswax and Coconut Oil on a double boiler (Simmering pan of water with a bowl on top) until the wax has melted and combined with the Oil.


Add your CBD Isolate to the mixture and stir until dissolved. Make sure you keep the heat to a minimum to avoid damaging the CBD. 


Allow the mixture to cool slightly (still liquid form) before adding any essential Oils. Stir again until everything is incorporated.


While the mixture is still liquid, pour into appropriate pots and allow to set. Your balm is now ready for use. 

CBD infused balm.